Anjana acharya - sai bhajans

Unit No. 48, H. E. H. H.  Wadia Building, Janmabhumi Street, Flora ,  Fort. Mumbai. 400 001

Initial Registration Fee of , 000/- (Twelve thousand only) covers the fees for the first attempt only

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According to Douglas Adams, the Sanskrit word Rama is also found in other Indo-European languages such as Tocharian ram , reme , *romo- where it means "support, make still", "witness, make evident". [19] [23] The sense of "dark, black, soot" also appears in other Indo European languages, such as *remos or Old English romig . [24] [note 1]

Learning at Techsparx is always so fun. And only because of Saravanan Uncle. I was desperately looking for someone for ISC 12th computer Science, since i was not able to properly understand in the class. And boy, how easy he made it!! The best part was that he went into teaching the"CONCEPT" of programming first. This is what I was looking for, since i hate mugging. And more than a teacher, he was like my best friend, ever smiling, and always guiding me. Thank you uncle, and I wish you all the very best for your future.  - Kartik Vashistha (Ryan International School - 12th ICSE March 2014) | 27th Feb 2014

Anjana Acharya - Sai BhajansAnjana Acharya - Sai Bhajans